Bill Gates Death Date Was Predicted By An Indian Boy?

A lot of people believe in astrology. Majority people in India believe that celestial bodies have high impact on their life. It is so popular that many Indian news and media company have a section for horoscope. However, in India there is a mix of fake and genuine astrologers. Although, astrology can’t predict death date. An Indian Boy has done the impossible by predicting Bill Gates death.

But before we jump into the main part. Let us know more about Bill Gates and his current state.

What Will Cause Bill Gates Death?

As well all know, recently Bill Gates and Melinda Gates got a divorce. If you want to know more about it. Click Here: Bill Gates Caught His Wife Using MacOS. He also started to date a new girl. Read more about this story here Bill Gates Confess Having A New Girlfriend In An Interview. Maybe the fear of sharing his net worth with Melinda Gates could be a reason!

When Will He Die?

So let us come to the main topic about how a 13 year old boy used his magic to predict his death date. A video was uploaded by “Emo bois of India” in Facebook on July 20, 2021. The video is about a boy sharing his predictions regarding his death with us. The video is embedded below

The boy says that “According to my magic Bill Gates death in this time. In this year Bill Gates was death”. This article is written so that Bill Gates gets to know about his death date. Help us reach this information to Bill Gates. Don’t fear Bill Gates we are with you!

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