Blonde Girl’s Hair Gets Pulled In Gabtoli Mistakenly, Thinking It Is Cow’s Tail

While Eid-ul-Adha coming, Bangalis’ love for “gorur haat” is at an all-time high. Even with such a strict lockdown in order, the media hype will continue indefinitely. The lockdown will be lifted on the 14th, but will it be enough to keep the Bangalis at bay? No, the Bangalis have managed to set up “gorur haat” and tempted all of the Khas Dhakaiyas to come out of their homes and inspect the strict lockdown as well as their haat. Cattle smugglers, on the other hand, always manage to blend in among the khas dhakaiyas.

With Great Eid-Ul-Adha Comes Great Criminal Diaries

Rafiq, our one and only criminal, was just there to steal a few cows. But little did Rafiq knew what was going to happen with him.

Ah, Rafiq’s mouth watered as soon as he saw all the cows being unloaded. Wondering what he’ll be able to buy with all of the money he’ll be getting. Rafiq was always aware that he was the smartest boy in Mymensingh. Rafiq only needs a plan now that his teacher has given him the confidence to steal a few cows from the haat in this Eid-ul-adha.

He had a flashback of how he took chickens from his hometown under his lungi while thinking of a strategy, and now it’s time for him to climb up his league. Finally, the brilliant mind formulated a master plan.

Midnight is the best time for smuggling according to his experience. Rafiq came to a conclusion and picked Dhupkhola as his target since he had some of his so-called Bhai-Brothers there. He finally grew the guts.

Divided by Cities United by Faantu

The first thing that came to mind for Rafiq was to offer Rakhal some Faantu, commonly known as Ph€ns€dyl. The Rakhal was stunned by Dhaka’s hospitality, which he accepted as a welcoming gift from Rafiq. He also had some Faantu on hand as a courtesy. The mastermind then began talking with the Rakhal till he was completely intoxicated by the Faantu he had given him.

Rafiq was Faantu’d, which he had ignored in his scheme. Later, when the genius was unable to open his eyes, he discovered that the Rakhal is Faantu’d as well. Rafiq didn’t look around, instead of focusing on the three cows brought by the Rakhal. Rafiq couldn’t move properly since he was wasted, but he eventually grabbed a cow’s bright blonde tail.

Mymensingh‘s certifiable genius didn’t hesitate to pull it as hard as he could. All he heard was “AAAAAAAA,” but I thought cows made “HUMBAAAAAA” sounds, so does Eid-ul-Adha provides cows with unique abilities? He was confused.

It was too late when he discovered it wasn’t a cow but a lady. When the crowd began to attack him, he noticed it was now morning. Rafiq bowed down to his intelligence and understood the lesson.

Faantu is very dangerous.

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Written by Vibwritor

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