Bobby Deol Was Using Airpods Back In 2008 But How?

The 80s to 90s transition was a weird time for all of Hollywood and Bollywood. Action movies with burly men were the thing. India had Bobby Deol who was pretty much a household name alongside his brother and father. They were renowned for playing the muscular guy who wouldn’t fail to save the damsel in distress. However, maybe we skipped the part where Bobby was trying to give us a message from the future??
The signs were always there:

The Conspiracy

The images here show Bobby Deol wearing airpods and doing a corona exam respectively. What could this mean? Did he know that this was meant to happen? Now, we can just chock this up to a conspiracy theory by which we can take these images at surface value. But, let’s be honest to ourselves are these actually coincidences? In the year 2008 we had poor quality wireless headphones which were pretty big. Bobby is pretty much rocking the air pod design as he casually walks in his cool fashion. He not only realized this is convenient but he was sending a message to us that this is his vision of the future.

May be a meme of 2 people and text that says 'LORD BOBBY USING AIRPODS IN 2008 LORD BOBBY DOING RT-PCR TEST IN 1997'

But, that’s not it. I am shaking as I type this when I see Bobby trying to take the sample from the woman. I refuse to believe this is a coincidence. Look at Bobby’s posture trying to take the sample and look at the woman. The woman is struggling as if she does not want to do it. She is not a believer of the corona virus and clearly doesn’t want to do the test. Ladies and gentlemen this is a perfect representation of all those who ignored the corona. Bobby being the ultra-chad stood behind her and took the sample so he wouldn’t be infected. He knew that this was the only way to find out whether people are infected or not.

Future Prediction

He wouldn’t take no for an answer and he is trying to show this to us.
To conclude:

The movies we see aren’t just acting and scripted lines. We have seen shows like the Simpsons who have predicted 9/11, the election of trump etc. Its only time we scour through all the media we watched and make sense of it. Find your truth, it’s a world of lies and we need to rally with our prophets. Bobby Deol you madman we should have listened.

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