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Bowser Jr Is Being Sent To Military School For Hitting On Stepmother

The king of Koopa, Bowser, has a reputation to uphold. He runs and leads the Koopa troop. Working tireless to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. But the giant turtle has decided he had enough. So because he couldn’t get Princess Peach to be on his side, he patches things up with Rosalina. He also gets to take a break from being jumped over my Mario, that got old fast.

Both Rosalina and Bowser tied the knot, the giant Koopa smooched the bride before she threw the bouquet at the back garden of his own kingdom. Princess Daisy caught it, of course. But past that, a few glances were exchanged between Rosalina and her new stepson, Bowser Jr. You could say, things took an “interesting” turn.

More Than A Tease

Just a few days have passed and the Koopa king’s family got comfortable with Rosalina. Things between the Koopa prince and the new bride set off pretty steamy. With some small talk, maybe a bit of flattery, quippy dialogues, and then they started holding each other’s hands.

While you might think to yourself, “well, this is quite inappropriate for people with this age difference”. Well, there’s a thing called ‘Shotacons’. Those kinds of Mangas are kind of becoming pretty popular these days. Shotacon by definition, means having a deeper relationship with someone pretty young.

Of course, they got too comfortable with themselves. Jr forgot that his father has eyes and ears everywhere in his establishment. So he caught up to it pretty soon and crashed the party before it really got off. Bowser wasn’t all too excited about their fling, rather the complete opposite.

Boots On The Ground

He got so infuriated, he decided to send his son to military school. Though before that, he actually gave him a choice of either this or he completely disowns him. He wasn’t joking about the last part. So the Koopa prince settled up, and made his way to King Bob-omb’s Military Academy.

Received with open arms, this was eventually realized to be a ruse, as the cadets around this academy didn’t play around. They gave him plenty of rough treatment. Bowser Jr was hitting puberty at the time, so he couldn’t keep to himself. Now realizing his mistake, Jr set to be more straight as an arrow. Meanwhile, the new upcoming Mario + Rabbids game is having difficulties thanks to the absence of one of its start studded villains.

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Written by Excalibruh

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