Boy Gifts A Boat To His Girlfriend Who Lives In Mirpur

Bangladesh is undeniably a growing country, and it is doing quite well at it. Mirpur, however, is entirely off the radar when it comes to development. It is also predicted that the Non-Swimmer villagers of Mirpur will die during this rainy season. Rafsan, like any other lover, was only attempting to help his Mirpur-based girlfriend Maria.

Mirpur is recognized for having the world’s worst drainage system in Bangladesh. And Bangladesh is a country where the rainy season is quite common, which is where the issue arises. Mirpur floods excessively whenever it rains, leaving the people sick. However, 2021 is expected to be the worst year for Mirpur, since it is projected that no one would be able to live here. To live, they must be able to swim. Rafsan had known Maria couldn’t swim for a long time and prepared to help her out.

He Is Just Trying To Help Man

Rafsan placed an online order for a boat as a present for Maria. When the boat arrived at her house, she immediately dialed Rafsan’s number. Rafsan had hoped to get lucky tonight, but things turned out otherwise. As he went to his girlfriend’s home, Maria instantly started shouting about the boat. “Why is this boat here? What do you think of yourself? You think you are a cultured man just because you live in Banani?” Maria left out Rafsan empty-minded. He was just trying to help her man. And she acted like a typical Mirpurian, not accepting their imperfection.

Typical Mirpur Citizen

Maria, like every other Mirpurian, believed her Mirpur was flawless and the greatest area in Bangladesh. Rafsan was taken aback by her actions and became depressed after recalling their conversation. And it was at this point when Karma gained control. After a few days, Mirpur saw heavy rains, drowning everyone. Do you know anyone who has survived being submerged? Maria is in her boat. Maria bursts into tears when she realizes what Rafsan has done for her and calls him to express her gratitude.

Appreciate the individuals in your life who go out of their way to remember you. You will suffer if you do not assess them based on their gifts. But by then, it will be too late to get them back. Don’t be a Typical Mirpurian, to be short.

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