Boys Are Demanding “Cheleta” After Meta’s Announcement

Facebook, the social network, will no longer define the future of Facebook, the company that will now be known as Meta. Facebook Inc. is changing its name to distance itself from the corporation that is banking on the promise of a “metaverse” to save its struggling social network, which is gaining a bad image throughout the world. But the boys are really left out here and are raising their voices. Voices to make it Cheleta from Meta.

“Meta” means that girl and the boys have felt left out. Is Facebook turning itself into a female-based social media service? That’s what every boy in the city is asking Facebook Inc. Well and if yes, then the boys are getting fu**ked causes all the other social media like Instagram WhatsApp and Instagram is under Facebook Inc. It is a nerve-wracking matter for the boys.


The lads have been in intense tense and have opened up a petition to cover up their insecurities. As per the petition says ” Facebook has started to discriminate between the genders. And I think it’s high time for us to speak up and ask Facebook to rename Meta to Cheleta (That Boy).”

Up till writing this article, 112439 have participated in the petition to change Meta to Cheleta and it’s been only 39 minutes since the petition started. The numbers are really big already and who knows how many boys are waiting to sign up for this petition.

It has also come known that the link will soon be boosted in the Facebook website itself to reach the lads that are waiting to raise their voices. Will the voices reach Facebook? No one knows but if the numbers get really high then there’s a big chance of reaching it to Facebook.

However, there’s no harm in agreeing that Facebook is discriminating. Moreover, why not name it into something else? Why did they name after gender? Meta, really? And if Meta why not Cheleta?

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