BREAKING: Decepticon Spotted In Dhaka

Do you remember Decepticon from the Transformers multimedia franchise? Well, they are taking over Dhaka now. Today a bus was spotted with the decepticon logo on it behind its back. The Decepticon bus is said to be seen near Kallyanpur Girls School And College that is located in Mirpur. The bus is believed to be Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC).

Moreover, it is a Bangladeshi state-owned transportation company. The Government Ordinance No.7 of 196. Issued 4 February 1961, established it. Bangladesh took on its present name after gaining independence in 1971. However, in the roads and highway division, it is in charge of providing buses and maintaining public transportation.

Nevertheless, as a guy clicked the Decepticon logo on the BRTC bus and posted it on social media captioning “they are here” has gone viral. Over 10000 Transformer fans have shared this post stating it’s real sarcastically.

Decepticon Incident With BRTC

Well well well look what we have here. Indeed, Decepticon is real coincidently. From the latest information, we have come to know that this BRTC bus is no more. Further, what does that mean? Well, a few days back this exact BRTC has exploded.

Was it really Decepticon? Or is BRTC involved with undercover? However, no one knows and will never know.

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