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BREAKING: Facebook Game OMG Is Responsible For Your Account To Get Hacked Easily

You all are familiar with the Facebook game OMG right? It’s an API (Application Programming Interface) which is popular on Facebook for many years now. But the question is the OMG game on Facebook safe? Did you know that the API is quite responsible for your account getting easily hacked?

Origin Of OMG In Facebook

OMG is an instant app based on Facebook which easily became popular on Facebook overnight. And it has been working and spreading faster than a virus. The massive success of the API is based on the revenue it has been earning through native ads and affiliations with Facebook. Honestly, it took over the internet by storm for the quizzes but little did you know that OMG! is actually responsible for stealing your data? You might be clueless how but when you enter the interface to solve quizzes and fun content it actually leads them to access your social media account within a snap of your fingers.

OMG Is The Satan’s Trophy

Once you enter the OMG interface on Facebook, it is satan’s key to already gain access to the account you own, sad but true. Now that your privacy is at risk what do you do? Well, millions of users are now at risk and they’re clueless regarding this matter.

Is Facebook Responsible For It?

Honestly, they aren’t liable for the dirty mess that the game has been plotting for users around the globe. Honestly, none of us had any idea how it really worked and how it predicted so much information about us accurately. But one thing, Facebook can do now is shut down the OMG for good as the game is not safe. This should be done as the whole world is at stake for the dirty plot it has been plotting for a year.

The Outcome Of OMG

Lately, numerous users around the globe have reported that most Facebook-based accounts are being hacked. How accurate is the information? Recently, the infamous celebrity and a food review from Dhaka, Bangladesh known as ‘Rafsan The ChotoBhai’ had his Instagram and WhatsApp accounts hacked. Now that we know that OMG is also responsible for breaching many data. Can we assume that OMG is also responsible for the hack behind ‘Rafsan The ChotoBhai’?

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Written by Vibwritor

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