BREAKING: Will Expose Anonymous Users With Kubool?

The deep, dark anonymous messenger, Kubool, that people use to seek some kind of gratification is now exposing everybody. Yes, everybody, including some of those weird secret admirer of yours. Girls be hiding in shame, boys be running for the woods.

The app named Kubool is now flushing out all the nasty hidden secrets. The app is known to work by simply making you anonymous. You can add your friends to it and find out what they say about you even though their identity is hidden. In fact, if your information is out in the open, anyone can just message you. Anybody. Feeling the creeps yet?

Anything goes by when someone’s account link is added. It has been known that most people either say positive or negative things. Sometimes downright heinous, hurtful, abusive comments or really uplifting stuff out of the blue. Which the latter could be some honey trap of sorts. Some false statement to lure you.

Total Exposure with Kubool?

See no evil they say, well evil will not have its day any longer. A major hack has completely left their servers exposed, stealing almost every data. All the names of accounts and message details have been stolen. To add a bit of spice to the anarchy, the hackers have decided to let loose Pandora’s box. By revealing everything without any catch.

Sometimes the app becomes a middle way for criminal organizations and panty stealing perverts. After hearing this, even the police are interested to know who is what and where. Maybe don’t rely on gimmicks such as this for approvals of anything. There’s only so much holes you could dig in life.

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Written by Excalibruh

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