Breaking News: Pizzaburg Uses Cann4b!s As Their Secret Recipe

Mir Mehadi founded PizzaBurg in 2018, and the restaurant quickly came to fame in Dhaka’s pizza market. It has completed its seven sites in Dhaka by September 2020. What has been the young entrepreneur’s success story? Is it Cann4b!s that they’re using as a secret recipe?

Pizza has become a superfood for Bangladesh’s urban youth. For pizza enthusiasts, large international food chains and a few local establishments have been the go-to places. People from generation X, on the other hand, were baffled by the sign outside their store, which read: ” ” Beware! Pizzaburg Is Addictive.” “

Pizzaburg shared its secret recipe on social media on November 21, 2021. In the image, a man was standing atop Pizzaburg’s beautiful packaging and looking out into space, however you can’t view out into space if you stand on bundles of money or even books.

The idea was undoubtedly inspired by the famous Cann4b!s meme, which claimed that if you smoked it, you could only view outer space. In addition, “Beware! Pizzaburg is addictive” is written in outer space to signify the total usage of Cann4b!s.

So the question is whether or not they are employing Cann4b!s as their secret formula. However, It’s no surprise that Pizzaburg’s story appears every 3-4 stories. Are they putting Cann4b!s in pizza and giving it to youngsters to get them hooked to it? Nevertheless, it’s Pizzaburg’s secret recipe, no one knows for sure.

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