BREAKING: NGL Anonymous Threatens To Expose Your Data

The Origin

NGL Anonymous (AKA is currently trending over social media across the globe, but are you aware they are threatening to expose you right after you anonymously ask a question to a stranger? It isn’t the first time such platform surfaced. is the original gangster from year 2010 where you could anonymously ask questions to plenty of random users across the internet who signed up for the network.

However, in the recent years many websites with the same scheme surfaced and failed to reached the peak as most of them where later discovered to be exposing users’ data.

The Hype

NGL Anonymous is recently trending across all social media platform, but the questions arises that how safe is NGL Anonymous? NGL Anonymous hit the social media trend recently but people are unaware what it might risk them. NGL Anonymous reached the peak of being the next but guess what? They’re secretly stealing your data and later will threaten you to expose them.

The Evil Scheme

NGL Anonymous recently joined the viral engine, but the risk starts when you sign up for the website. Just right when you anonymously ask a user which could be a confession how you feel towards them, the website instantly taps all your data including your location. So now that you are at risk after asking a fellow stranger something, do you think you’re safe? The rapid growth of cyber crime actually triggered them to be rogue and you’re safe anymore.


Since you took the risk for NGL Anonymous, you know what you signed up for.

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