British Council Exam Board Is Just A Bad Way To Waste Your Father’s Money

The British Council is a British organization based in the United Kingdom that promotes worldwide cultural and educational exchanges. It promotes a greater understanding of the United Kingdom and the English language in over 100 nations. By offering students examinations on their board, the British Council brings all students together under one roof. It is a well-known examination board that provides many opportunities for students rightly assessed by others. Starting with O levels, A levels, and IELTS, the British Council has been deceiving us for years.


The British Council has not been idle in these difficult times. They have taken assessments from all of the students while the exams have canceled. According to the circumstances, this is appropriate as students can become infected with covid during these challenging circumstances. However, if you look at the per-subject fees, you’ll be astound by their business strategy. Is it a school board or a corporation? Physical exams are no longer mandatory by the British Council, so no exam halls or examiners are required. What did the British Council, on the other hand, do? The subject fees for each subject have raised. They are only concerned with increasing profits by providing a certificate in these difficult times. At this point, it’s only selling their certificate to students.

British Council’s Well Planned IELTS Scam

IELTS is a so-called English language evaluation expert that has ties to key immigration authorities in various countries. It is a definite SCAM. Aimed to induce students to reappear for their very expensive examination. This dishonest company claims to have implemented an unbiased scoring system. But their increasingly ambiguous criteria on how an individual is rated give them little trust.

So, why should you give British Council your hard-earned money? They aren’t worth your money. It’s basically a terrible certificate investment.

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