CBI Sent Actor Dev Notice for Smuggling Animals Across The Border

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has summoned Trinamool MP and actor Dev for cross-examination in connection with an animal smuggling case. According to the notice, he must appear at the CBI office in Kolkata’s Nizam Palace by February 15.

For a long period, local protesters claim that a huge amount of money is made from smuggling animals and illegal coal and then is invested in Tollywood. There are also suspicions that the funds are used aside from funding film production. Local protestors claim that a Tollywood producer is close to a Murshidabad leader.

SuperStar Dev And Smuggling?

Smuggling this big of an amount is not easy and someone is must there be pulling the strings, says a local protestor. According to the report, it is unclear whether Superstar Dev is facing any clear and specific allegations. Later on, Dev summons in connection with the probe into the illegal cattle smuggling case, according to CBI sources.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that many individuals who have already been probed or questioned on suspicion of cattle smuggling have referenced Superstar Dev’s name. It was not a direct allegation but in some context or another. The CBI intends to question Dev in light of this information.

It’s really sad to see this kind of big superstar like Dev getting into smuggling. Dev has been an idol for many teenagers around the globe. When they have heard of it, it was really hard for them to believe.

No wonder why he does not appear as much in the movies nowadays. Why would he work so hard for some amount of money that he can get easily with the smuggling business? Nevertheless, Dev has managed to break a lot of teenagers’ hearts. Time really changes people.

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