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Chicken Wings Now Re-Classified As Vegan Since Chickens Don’t Need Them Anyway

The vegan status of chicken wings has been formally announced. As a vegan scientist tore into a plate of sizzling wings. He stated between intakes and bites, “As vegans, we want everything to be cruelty-free.” “Chicken wings aren’t particularly cruel. Chickens don’t even have wings. The wings are just sitting there, ready to be eaten.”

A group was formed to determine whether items are considered vegan. “There is some lack of clarity. For example, we eat a lot of microscopic animals on a regular basis and still call ourselves vegans.”

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Vegan Eating Chicken WIngs

After cutting another bit of meat from a honey barbeque chicken wing, Vegan Expert explained. In the food processing industry, many creatures, such as insects and mice, are slaughtered and ground up. Despite this, we consider everything to be vegan. It’s just that it’s complicated. We must maintain an open mind.


According to the vegan leader, he processes his own chickens, removing the wings in a humane manner by feeding them big amounts of CBD birdseed. He stated, “They truly like the process.” “After that, they show no signs of being concerned about the loss of their wings. They just wiggle around with blank expressions on their faces. Staring blankly at objects like they always do.” He’s also working on a scheme to replace the wings with better, more functional artificial wings. However, as he showed reporters plans to manufacture replacements for everything from turkey legs to pork tenderloins, he noted, “This might open up a whole new road into cruelty-free dining.”

“At some time in the future, technology will allow us to replace a cow’s entire body with implants, and we will eat like kings”

Vegan King

A wing restaurant owned by one of the vegan king’s friends, “Ethical Wings,” has opened downtown. And will soon be serving penguin, turkey, and ostrich wings, as well as a variety of lizard tails. He went on to say, “They grow back, it’s great.”

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