CID team raided Sabushop

That somewhat suspicious beauty pageant finally got shutdown by the intelligence division. CID has raided two of the main branches of Sabushop from both Bashundhara City and Mirpur area. As well as some other branches that their plastics bags don’t fully advertise.

It all started from a Facebook post about a woman who purchased one of their products,. Only to find out that it was causing 2nd to 3rd degree burns around her facial skin. She stated that she spent 7770tk around 7 days ago. Afterwards, seeing how defective the product was, she called the shop and from there, they’ve advised on trying out their other products. Which didn’t help the matter. Needless to say, the customer wasn’t satisfied with the product, rather the complete opposite.

CID took notice before doing an investigation and pulling some inquiries. At one point, they’ve found out that the owner, the figurehead with all the live videos from their FB pages, had an accident before fully transforming into a gaudy being of terribly standardized beauty.

The number of controversies surrounding Sabu shops have only piled up for past few months. With the public finally catching up on this situation, will lead to their eventual downfall. Though perplexing enough, Sabu Shop rose to fame very quick that they blew a lot of marketing budget. More so with famous celebrities and actors. Even with a large following, chances of coming back are pretty brazen.

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Written by Excalibruh

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