Confession: Asif Bin Azad Abandoned Shouvik Ahmed At Gorur Haat Incident

There are very few people in the world who don’t know about Shouvik’s “Gorur Haat” incident. If they say they don’t then beat them until they say ” Ami ki korsi?” Well, this ” Ami ki korsi” dialogue of Shouvik Ahmed has been the theme song for Qurbani Eid in 2019 and is still recognized from one corner of the world to another. But just like one story has 2 sides, have you heard Shouviks’?

Shouvik Ahmed was silent for times until he was given the spotlight. And thanks to Tahseenation for that. While in the tough times of Covid, Tahseenation has hosted a wonderful time pass show. Where he invites other celebrities to have a gossip. A really good initiative from him to make his audience pass time in this difficult time. In an episode, Tahseenation bought Shouvik Ahmed and has asked about his famous story of “Ami Ki korsi.” And the story just made us zip up, he is not the one we should be making fun of.

Shouvik Ahmed’s Gorur Haat Incident

Asif Bin Azad And Shouvik Ahmed

Asif Bin Azad, Shouvik Ahmed, and Zaki have gone to a Gorur Haat in a rural area called Uttara for a video shoot. Shouvik said they had some female casts working with them so they didn’t find this place safe for shooting their video as everyone was just staring at them, as expected from a rural area when they see the ladies wid the short dresses. But I don’t get the concept of bringing them in a place like Uttara as well as in a Gorur Haat. And later on, Shouvik asked them to pack up instantly after packing down. I also don’t get the logic here. But when they were leaving someone from the Haat said something offensive to the whole team. As Asif Bin Azad’s mom is a well-renowned politician in Uttara, he went first and asked the guy for his id and name.

After some arguments at the gorur haat, Shouvik Ahmed asked Zaki to escort himself to the car while Asif and he are coming after finishing this. Well, let’s be real here, Shouvik was dependent on Asif’s backup and he ended up talking in a rough voice. Instantly one of them has hit Shouvik Ahmed and like any other Genjams, others have now grown the balls to hit him. And here we go, AMI KI KORSI?


After getting RAMPEDANI from the public, Shouvik started to search for Asif Bin Azad, seeking some backup. Guess what, he was never found. Abandoning his work partner, youtube partner, and brother. Shouvik got really disappointed with him and never asked Asif for any closure.

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