Cow Poop And Urine Can Help Boost India’s Economy

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, stated on Saturday that cows, along with their poop and urine, might help build India’s economy.

“Without cows or oxen, a lot of work would be impossible to complete.” As a result, they are extremely important. “If a suitable system is put in place, cows, their poop, and urine may help develop the economy of the state and India,” Singh said at a convention of the Indian Veterinary Association’s women’s branch in Bhopal.

“We are doing our utmost to give help,” he continued. And I am confident that we will succeed thanks to the contributions of women in this sector. You may create a variety of essential compounds from cow dung and urine, ranging from insecticides to medicines.”

Last year, the state’s BJP administration announced the formation of a “gau cabinet” (cow cabinet) comprised of ministers. From six departments that would seek to preserve cows and promote cow products in the state.

Cow Urine And Poop Is Very Important For Indian Economy

Moreover, the Congress manifesto for the 2018 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections concentrated on cows. With the grand old party promising to create gaushalas in every panchayat and begin commercial gau mutra manufacturing (cow urine). Congress has vowed to establish a slew of new cow sanctuaries and fund their upkeep and maintenance.

In 2018, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb advocated for the rearing of cows as a source of employment for the youth. Claiming that, unlike setting up large industries, where “one must invest Rs 10,000 crore. It is to employ 2000 people,” giving 10,000 cows to 5,000 families would allow people to begin earning in “six months.”

Nevertheless, he had declared that the state government will start a program to distribute cows. Starting to 5000 people to address hunger and create jobs in the state.

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