Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wife Forced Him To Join Manchester United For A Beach House

While Christiano Ronaldo’s fans are crying for why did he leave Juventus to join Manchester United, the main game has been played by his wife. Georgina Rodrguez, Christiano Ronaldo’s wife, pushed him to join Manchester United although he could have easily stayed with Juventus. So, as the title suggests, why did Christiano Ronaldo’s wife give her to Manchester United in exchange for a beach house in the Bahamas? What’s going on here? Can you believe it? We couldn’t either. Simply said, talent is a commodity that can be bought and sold for a profit.

Ronaldo Signing To Manchester United

Manchester United and Juventus have reached an agreement to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo, the Premier League club said on Friday. Nevertheless, the move is subject to personal conditions, visa approval, and a medical examination. From 2003 until 2009, the Portugal attacker returned to the club where he won eight major championships. Financial terms were not published. Although, British and Italian media reported that United will pay 25 million euros for Ronaldo on a two-year contract.

The Dream House of Christiano Ronaldo’s Wife

But take a look at what we’ve got now. Georgina Rodrguez has been driving Ronaldo insane by buying the beach house she had wanted for years. GRAND BAHAMA is one of the best places in The Bahamas to invest in luxury real estate. Additionally, The estate consists of two large beachfront houses situated in lush. Well maintained grounds, totaling 18,000 square feet of luxurious living space. The price of the seaside mansion, which is estimated to be over $12,000,000, is what got them thinking. However, Cristiano Ronaldo may be wealthy, but he presently lacks the funds to purchase the beach mansion.

Chritiano Ronaldo’s wife believed that the only way to live in that beach home was for him to play for a new team that offered the highest bid. And now, her favorite footballer is no longer at Juventus, which is griefing.

Moral of the story? You should never marry

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