Dalals At BRTA Is Claiming To Have Earn More Than The Government Is Offering

From the latest information, we have seen that the Dalal’s at BRTA is being employed by the government. The purpose of this is to reduce the corruption that is happening every day at BRTA.

As the current Dalal’s at BRTA are originally unemployed and earn by helping the public, the government also thought of giving them a chance. Knowing that the Dalal’s know the protocols better than the officials.

By far Dalals have outnumbered Mafia in terms of networking. Because their only way to survive here is networking. They are just one call away. Through just one call your Dalal can make your Driving License where you don’t even need to give any test for driving. Yea, so now you know how powerful they are.

Know Your Value – BRTA DALAL

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You don’t even need to attend the exam center to get a license. Just give your name and date of birth and boom. You are officially a driving test passed driver. The government has underestimated the Dalals while hiring them big time. What the government offered them was not even close to what they were making by being a Dalal here at BRTA.

“What you are offering isn’t even 1/3rd of the money we were printing here”

-Mujahid (Dalal at BRTA)

The officials were shocked from hearing this. How much were they earning? Well, you and I can probably guess the numbers as 80% of the drivers here take their license from their own personal Dalal. Making it the most done illegal crime in Bangladesh.

However, the officials tried negotiating with them long enough but couldn’t manage to pursue them. But the Dalals know their vision very well and won’t move from the numbers. The officials have asked more time from the Dalals to give them a better number.

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