Daraz’s Best Seller! Same Product As Picture

Do you know what every e-commerce website lacks? A good seller. Daraz has turned out to be the most successful e-commerce site in Bangladesh when it comes to online shopping. They have introduced online shopping in Bangladesh and are now on a monopoly market. Moreover, their success key is finding the best sellers in town, which have done successfully.

A customer, Shojib, on the other hand, has found the best of best when it comes to best sellers in Daraz. He has received exactly what he ordered. But isn’t everyone supposed to get that? Well, it’s a different ‘exactly’ when it comes to Shojib.

Shojib had ordered a bag on 7th November for himself. As school has opened after years for covid, he needed a new bag for school as the old one has gone too old.

He received his fancy bag from Daraz on November 9 with a surprise. It had come with a big packaging, he didn’t even open his product in front of the Daraz’s delivery man and paid the delivery man 1040 taka which is the price of the bag.

When he opened the packaging it was bubble wrap after bubble wrap that never ends. After unwrapping for 3 straight minutes he finally found his product that was in the Bermuda triangle of bubble wraps.

It was the same size as the picture. A 2-year-old usable bag which is the same size seen in a phone. Shojib was not disappointed but laughed in tears and instantly posted on social media quoting ” Daraz’s Best Seller alert! Same product as picture.”

It went pretty viral on social media like Facebook and Instagram. The post had 300000 reacts and more than 50000 shares questioning Daraz.

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