Dealer Uses Pathao Parcel To Deliver Drugs All Over Dhaka

While dealers struggle to sell their goods as a result of the lockdown and are at a loss. Khorshed has developed the ultimate strategy. As the saying goes, excellent ideas can take you anywhere, and a unique idea may help you take over the world. That’s what Khorshed had accomplished with his innovative concept, declaring himself the new king of Dhaka.

This type of thought does not come to someone out of anywhere, according to Khorshed. He’s gone through a lot and has recently found this flaw. He was also given a job at a store, but he rejected the job due to his pride. When Khorshed was offered the position, he responded, “I have been doing this and would never betray what once filled my plate with food.” Don’t pass judgment on him; he’s only doing his duty and being loyal to his customers.

The Best Motivational Drug Is A Sad Story

It hasn’t been easy for Khorshed. He’s been labeled “pot niye cot” a lot, but he doesn’t take it personally and instead uses it as inspiration. He had come across the app Pathao after being beaten by cops for selling narcotics on the street. He thought he could change the city with this app, and he did.

Khorshed realized he was on his way to becoming the Lion if the cops were the Tigers of Dhaka. He understood that while the police are patrolling the streets, the other dealers are at a disadvantage, whereas he can continue his business without fear of competition.

Pathao Got The Best Service

Pathao’s Parcel service, according to Khorshed, is “very fast and smooth.” When a consumer needs the good stuff, he just texts Khorshed the address and sends the money using mobile banking. That concludes our discussion. The valuables are brought securely to his home, and the cops are unconcerned since Pathao has the authority to carry things during this lockdown. So, where is he now? From “pot niye cot” to “pot niye borolok,” he was upgraded.

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