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Destroying Illegal Stuff Should Be Illegal As Well?

Almost everyone has heard about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most well-known and fastest-growing cryptocurrency we are aware of. That, however, is not the subject of today’s discussion. The topic for today is how the Malaysian authorities crushed GPU’s and $1.25 million worth of bitcoin.

Yes, it was against the law, but don’t the Malaysian government have any heart? GPU costs are skyrocketing, and they’re smashing 1,069 Bitcoin mining machines right now. Those gems were spread out on a parking lot at police headquarters before being crushed with a steamroller.

But Why Destroy the GPU’s and Bitcoins?

It’s a shame to all Malaysian. All gamers are thriving for a GPU but can’t buy it due to the skyrocketing price. The video destroying all the rigs made the gamers more depressed, some of them also say that they can’t sleep at night because of this video. It sometimes comes to their dream is a pity for all Malaysians. All gamers desire a GPU but are unable to get one owing to the increasing price. The video destroying all of the rigs left the gamers even more depressed, and some of them claim that it is keeping them from sleeping at night. The Malaysian police claim that the rigs have stolen $2 million in electricity in three months, but the Reddit gaming community says that the gamers would have spent it anyway. Only if they knew the use of bitcoin and they could get their electricity bill back.

Donate it, Not destroy it

A petition to stop the destruction of illegal goods should be illegal has been begun and over one million gamers have already signed it. Donate it if the authorities don’t know what to do with it. Because gamers will be offended if their treasured possessions are damaged. They are also attempting to sue the Malaysian government for their obnoxious behavior.

Hopefully, the materials are sorted and recycled, a job that would have been made much easier if the materials had not been crushed first.

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