Dhanmondi Hawkers Are There For The Single Appis Out There

Valentine Day is near and you are still single? Well, fear not. The hawkers in Dhanmondi are there for your tough times. The hawkers have stocked up every piece your utmost needed b*a that was available.

Valentine’s Day is a day some of them are happiest and some of them are the saddest. There is no in-between. Of course, it breaks the heart of a single guy/girl to see couples here and there on valentine’s day. And there comes the feeling! Am I really that ugly? Am I not good enough?

But wait, does this feeling actually occur for not having a guy, or is it something else?
Well, the research papers say it’s the s*x that you are missing out on. That’s where the Dhanmondi hawker’s creativity comes in.

The Dhanmondi Hawkers have stocked up your favorite and comfortable b*a. Here you will not need any man to comfort you but rather comfort yourself 24/7.

You Appis always wanted to be independent right? It’s your chance, says the Dhanmondi hawkers as the official slogan for this product.

The product is also defined as the softest material available on earth by the hawkers. And the satisfaction is guaranteed.

So say no to loneliness on this upcoming Valentine’s day. Cheers

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Written by Vibwritor

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