Dr.Mahfuzur Rahman Promises To Be Back Again With Finest Songs

Dr.Mahfuzur Rahman, a name we all have heard of and perished him for his Arijit Singh-like voice. Bangladeshi musician and media personality who is the chairman of ATN Bangla and ATN News TV channel. After airing his musical TV show, which went viral on social media, he became famous. But he is no longer in trending as he has become busy with his other works, he confesses. Wait, don’t get upset, he has promised us what we have been wanting to hear all these times.

During a very short period of time, Dr.Mahfuzur Rahman has made his name to the top singers in Bangladesh. Being the chairman of ATN Bangla he had to complete his responsibilities. There was an empty slot in ATN Bangla, which they were thinking about what to air actually. But he has taken it to his shoulder and decided to sing, his hobby which he is good at, for the mass audience of him.

A Promise Is A Promise – Dr.Mahfuzur Rahman

After being lowkey for a sufficient amount of time The ATN Bangla chairman has promised to come back. As he says that his inbox has been filled with fan messages begging him to come back. It has been quite a while that he isn’t performing and his fans are missing him the most.

As he respects and loves his audience a lot he cants throw away their requests like any other celebrity. As per words from her mouth, he is preparing for the best. Starting from finest music and tunes he will back with his exquisite voice soon again.

Dr.Mahfuzur Rahman also has apologized to his fans and followers and is preparing a gift for them in his show. So he recommended everyone to stay tuned and keep an eye on ATN Bangla.

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