Drake Certified Lover Boy Album is BAAAAD 👎

Ah yes, he’s a lover boy who sounds like an inebriated wackadoodle, who used his money and fame to put so many features, they overshadow him. Aubrey Drake “I love Millie Bobby Brown so much, I self insert my weird obsessions with her in my lyrics” Graham’s new album is out. And it ain’t so good. Not so good, that everybody who had the sad ordeal of hearing one of its single from the radio, had to make a quick stop at the ENT doctor.

Drake’s new album reeks of meager attempts at rehashing his past self with some modified takes on women’s current afflictions. Regarding both cultural clashes and some underage tones. I mean, does the dude not stop at dabbling with someone’s daughters and scrutinizing age brackets? Doesn’t stop with Millie Bobby Brown either.

Certified Love Lost

Drake's new album, Certified Lover Boy

Certified Lover Boy features a lot of people, most of them brings killer bars and vocal chops into the mix. Meanwhile, Drake, he’s your uncle who likes to half-ass things along the way but this time, he’s the main lead. Man just wants to skip towards the womanizing and their belly popping, and Millie Bobby Brown. Oh wait, is mentioning her repeatedly going to be a thing now? Keep reading to find out later.

This album features JAY-Z, Travis Scott, Future, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, and so on. Most of these guys are sort of on their high, carrying the album the heights it alluded to from all the social media promotions to the album trying to reach its eventual climax with Drake having himself all over it. Yeah, you read that right. The album came out right after Drake was taking up the top list for huge no of streams from Spotify.

Also, what is his problem with Kanye West? One measly Tweet, and the guy gets wrangled up on the subject matter in one song. Kanye West leaking his address was really bad. But he moved on and out of the melodrama. Whereas Drake decided to say “oh man, why you such trouble, why you a hussy?” (Disclaimer: He never said that, that’s just weird paraphrasing). He has dedicated a big chunk of lyrics around the circumstance, and it just feels like its banal pettiness.

While we can talk trash, there are some noticeable good songs here and the production quality matches up with something you hear from the top billboard charts. But Drake man, time you jumped back in the oven. Maybe your next project that won’t be as bad? Also, leave Millie Bobby Brown alone. Internet cringe has reached its peak.

Written by Excalibruh

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