Drug Peddler Is A National Crush In Bangladesh

5 more students were caught peddling LSD in Dhaka, Bangladesh just yesterday. With a glimpse of eye to eye 1 out of 5 peddlers became an internet sensation and girls are going crazy over him. But is it right though?

The recently accused peddlers were taken to remand by Dhaka Metropolitan Police, but most of accused were showing signs of being happy while being taken away by the police. Is it the hallucigenia which made them happy during the incident?

Why were they laughing during the time of being alleged by the police?

Is it quite questionable why were the accused smiling during the time of the incident? is the the emotional fault which made them laugh during serious moment or were they on drugs?

We serious don’t have any answer to that but the story went viral over the internet right after the news scattered throughout the social media.

What happened really?

On Monday, another 5 students were found guilty for peddling LSD. 5 students are from renowned university in Bangladesh. The order was passed from DMP Magistrate Md Atiqul Islam to Khilgaon police station Sub Inspector Bodrul Al Amin.

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