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Dua Lipa Is Known For Not Taking Shower In Ages

What good is it to be a millionaire if you don’t even shower? Dua Lipa, a well-known singer, has been verified as not showering in a long time. Dua Lipa’s latest songs, like “Levitating,” have been big hits all around the world, but with such popularity comes the issue of why not shower.

Sean Paul, a singer, has long complained that her body stinks, but no one has paid attention to him. Sean Paul was asked how his collaboration with Dua Lipa went. He chuckled and said how badly she smells and how difficult it was to film videos with her. The famous singer also voiced concerns about Dua Lipa leaving the studio after singing, and when he went back to sing, he couldn’t because of the smell.

Sean Paul did all he could to get her to shower, but she refused. He tried to have Dua Lipa shower before each session, but she flatly refused and threatened to not collaborate if he forced her to.

Dua Lipa’s Secret Of Not Showering

Why is she behaving in this way? Is there anything hidden? Dua Lipa has finally given her side of the story. The 25-year-old musician has revealed why not showering is beneficial to one’s health. She claims that washing makes her dizzy, which interferes with her thinking. It’s all about being creative, and bathing is where you lose it. She is unconcerned about what other people think of her. The artist is self-assured, and that’s all that counts in life. Even if her fans are disgusted when they come to picture her.

Dua Lipa is at the top of her game right now, and she has no intentions to shower until her album makes the Billboard Top 10 list. This will be a major accomplishment for her, and she will be able to retire after her record has reached the top of the charts.

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