Dua Lipa Sues Spotify For Using James Charles’s Picture For Her Playlist Cover

Is there anything makeup-wise that YouTube sensation James Charles can’t do? Not at all, as his most recent tutorial explains. James’ video is a crazy Dua Lipa transformation that had us both giggle and gasp at how similar they looked. But this isn’t simply a casual complement to a musician he admires; it’s a deliberate attempt to cause a major misunderstanding. And they are successful as Spotify has messed up here.

Dua Lipa’s Spotify In Danger

Spotify, on the other hand, couldn’t tell if it was Dua Lipa or not when they looked for a cover for her playlist and came across this photo of James Charles. Of course, they were completely unaware of this. The photo for her playlist cover was provided by Spotify, and this is when things went wrong for them. The musician’s patience has run out. She became outraged when she accessed Spotify to listen to her own music and saw her photo in her playlist. It was not even her but James Charles.


Dua Lipa has filed a ten-million-dollar lawsuit against Spotify for this blunder. She used Spotify to file a defamation suit. No one will know her, she claims, but James Charles will be recognized as Dua Lipa. Even Dua Lipa herself was unclear about when she shot this image and whether it was her or not, it’s a pity that the Spotify crew didn’t do their homework. Spotify has spoken with their legal counsel, and it appears like she has a point. The music business as a whole has now individually apologized to Dua Lipa for their blunder, hoping to avoid going to court.

He appears virtually identical to her in the end, thanks to a blonde bob wig. And, to be honest, are we certain they aren’t twins? Are you absolutely certain?

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