East-West University Accepts a Cow As A Student

The day has come that we had all feared. From now on, East-West University will be acquiring cows.

A cow with an East-West University ID card was spotted in Aftagnagar today. Everyone wanted to know how much the cow cost, but the people carrying it stated it wasn’t bought but was being brought to East-West University for an admissions exam. When the public saw a cow wearing the East-West university ID, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Who Is In Charge Of All The Funds?

East-West University’s faculty team has taken full responsibility for all of the finances required to educate the cow. What a pity for all of the University’s students. According to the teachers, educating a cow is easier than educating a student at their institution. They intended to demonstrate to the students that they are unworthy of studying here. The professor is on hand to demonstrate that a cow can outperform any of its students. They’ve also said that they’ll look after this cow better than any of their other students.

What Is The Reaction Of The East-West Universities Students?

When the cow joined the Zoom call for the online class, the participants had no idea what to say. They assumed someone was trolling with them, but this was not the case. The faculty introduced all of the kids to the cow in Zoom known as “Humbaa.” The youngsters laughed at first, believing it was a prank and there is the camera. When they realized the teacher was serious about it, they became buried in their own thoughts.

It was too much for the University students to bear. Some of them are considering dropping out of university due to embarrassment. They’ve completely lost it!

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