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Engineers at Motalib Plaza Displaces The iPhone 12 Flashlight And Sells It As iPhone 13

Apple is often disappointing yet still the best company over even Google so far. With their latest release of their iPhone 13, Apple has disappointed us even more. Apple has been one of the best for innovation such as removing headphone jack or even not providing a charger in the box. Yet, their latest iPhone has almost no change in appearance and engineers at Motalib plaza are taking full advantage of it.

If you take iPhone 12 and iphone 13 side by side you will spot no difference at all but rather think they are the same. How do you identify it then?

Yes, Apple has left an evidence for their customer that this is the latest iPhone. By just changing the position of Flashlight Apple has claimed us their wholesome better phone than eve

iPhone 13 At A Discounted Price Only Available In Motalib Plaza

Motalib Plaza

Motalib Plaza has always been a shady repairing mall. Here you give your phone to fix your battery and they return it back with charging port problem. Starting from buying original Apple battery for only 300 taka to buying back covers for 500 taka.

It has come to know that a mobile repairer has taken full advantage of iPhone 13. While he came across the appearance changes in iPhone 13, the repairer has came up with a master plan.

Motalib Plaza’s engineer has bought few iPhone 12 for a his big profitable scheme.He changes the positions of iPhone 12 flashlight and resells it claiming it as brand new iPhone 13.

He has been successful to sell almost 25 pieces of them, giving their customers a discount from the original price of iPhone 13. The brilliant guy has made about 5 lakh taka in about only 3 days just by selling these redesigned iPhone 12 by him.

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Written by Vibwritor

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