Evaly CEO Dubbed Clown Of The Year Thanks To RAB

These are quite interesting times. Where do you go from launching the biggest e-commerce site to basically being scum of the Earth? Hated by almost everyone not because you owe them money, not because you ran a business scam, but you failed to make it work and be a viable business in the long run. Greed and ambitions can’t always be mutually exclusive. At least, that’s what the RAB superior officers believe. This all leads to Evaly CEO, Mohammad Rassel’s arrest.

After trying really hard to get a buyout or have an investment deal done with Jamuna group, both having ultimately failed, RAB stepped in and finally made the arrest. RAB officials today have raided his house, searching his residence entirely for anything substantial to use against Mohammad Rassel, current CEO of Evaly. A RAB officer video recorded the confiscations. As well as Rassel’s bhai pitiful face, defeated, he seats on his sofa pretty much immobilized. His superiors saw the footage uploaded and laughed their bottoms off.

Evaly CEO, Mohammad Rassel

No Mercy For Scammers, Down With Evaly

Despite the tears he’s shed on his stream, despite his pleas to do what was best for everybody, including his staff. Nobody got over the fact that they got scammed, big time. That includes a few RAB officers and their superiors in the office. So they wanted to hit him real hard, where it hurt. His place of residence. He has been found violating law under the Penal Code 1860, Digital Security Act and Consumer Rights Protection Act. They waited until all hope died on Rassel bhai.

He and his wife have been escorted out of their premise to the car for arrest and detainment. The crowds spectating were cheering on, shouting “cheater, go to jail, cheater!”. Rassel bhai whimpered like a girl when one of the officers handcuffed him. Making sure they were very tight. This officer told the reporters that he’s mad at Rassel bhai for not giving his Yamaha FZS Fi V3. Of which he phrases that he paid for it at a ridiculously low price from Evaly, they didn’t deliver after 4 months of waiting. Not even refunded him the cash.

Afterwards, in prison. RAB superiors visited him on his cell and later painted his face with clown make-up. Even got a dress for him, changing his attire before taking pictures of his new silly look. The photos were kept within their circles, used as an inside joke. Until someone leaked it. Mohammad Rassel later was officially dubbed as clown of the year by the internet, public, and the officers that have arrested him. Of course, Rassel bhai doesn’t know anything about this, as he was kind of spared the brutal humiliation brought on him. But in the end, jokes were finally on him.

Written by Excalibruh

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