Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel Is Now Delivering Food Himself For E-food

Well well well, the day we have all been afraid of his here. Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel is now delivering food to your doorstep. Yes, you read that right, the CEO himself is delivering for E-food. Is it to make the customer feel good? I guess not. Saying from the current state of Evaly, the customers complain was very high but now the Evaly employees are unhappy too. A few days back it is seen that the employees are very unhappy with their work in Evaly and their CEO Mohammad Rassel has asked them to leave if they can’t wait for their salary. After banks have declined their facility to take loans, they are at stake. But we all know, Mohammad Rassel isn’t a quitter.

E-Food Mans Are No More

According to a source, E-food, food delivery platform of Evaly, delivery men are no more. They have quit their job due to not getting their payment properly. An E-food ex-worker said that they didn’t used to get their payment properly on time also less amount was payment was given and was asked to take the rest of it later. It’s not a one or two-month story, it’s an every-month story.

Did this beak Evaly’s Ceo, Mohammad Rassel’s dreams? I guess not, this man is not a quitter. He knows how to thrive for his dreams. Lacking employees didn’t stop E-food. Rather the man himself is working for himself. What a dignified move from him. He is delivering food from door to door and thanking his customers for staying with E-food.

As the amount of E-food orders are really low, he is now capable of doing it smoothly with no problems at all, Rassel claims. Huge respect for our guy, he should be idle of every Bangladeshi.

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