Evaly Left Homeless After Trying To Reunite Tahsan and Mithila

Who doesn’t love Evaly? Starting from Cyclone offers to Reunite Tahsan and Mithila. Ah, such a fantastic organization. Sadly, Our beloved firm is now left without a place to call home.

Tahsan being the Brand Ambassador of Evaly, only asked the company for one thing. Was it money? Definitely not, he has a ton. Tahsan asked for Mithila back in his life and wants Evaly to be their third wheel.

Evaly knew Tahsan’s worth and how much he can help to boost their business up. After a lot of thought from their full team, they agreed on Tahsan’s deal.

Apes Together Strong

Now Evaly’s team knew that they no longer need to put any head for the company’s progress. All they have to do is release Cyclone offers and find a way to get the greatest couple together. Tahsan will take care of the rest.

Apart from dumb ideas like 300% cashback, they planned to cage Mithila as well in their corporate for Tahsan. Thus, asking Mithila to be the Brand Wagon of their company.

Mithila Playing Hard To Get?

Undoubtedly, Mithila adores being pursued by boys. She agreed without any hesitation to work for Evaly. Getting an opportunity to make some money and making Tahsan chase her down once more.

Without a doubt, the Evaly team tried their best to reunite Tahsan and Mithila. Starting from making them go live on Facebook and making them sit together at the office. Just like they fail to deliver products, they failed this too.

Evaly Is homeLess Now?

Our beloved firm is now out of reach with no one answering the calls. Their head office is also closed for months. Leaving behind a notice on the gate that they have closed for lockdown. Surprisingly, neighbors say that it has been closed for months. Have they really left their loving home from failing to reunite the greatest couples?

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