Evaly Sent Passport Of Mohammad Rassel Instead Of Passport Cover

By purchasing an iPhone-12 on Amazon, one user was able to get the soap worth five rupees. On Evaly, a citizen of Uttara received Mohammad Rassel’s original passport. Only by ordering a passport cover was it discovered.

On October 30, a guy named Mithun, according to an unnamed media source, ordered a passport cover on Evaly. On November 1st, the package arrived at his home. Mithun was taken aback as he opened the gift. You may see not just the passport cover, but also Mohammad Rassel’s original passport.

Mithun dialed Evaly’s customer service number right away. However, he was in shock by the responses of the customer service employees. Something went wrong, according to Customer Service. So that similar mistakes do not occur. They gave no indication of what would happen to the passport.

Returning Mohammad Rassel’s Passport

Mithun was compell to make his own attempt to return the original passport to the Evaly office. The passport, he claimed, belonged to Mohammad Rassel. He is Evaly’s CEO and is presently imprison.

Rassel is arrested and hence unable to communicate in order to return it to him. Later, he attempt to call police personnel inside the jail to get his passport back.

However, there are doubts regarding how Mohammad Rassel’s passport ended up in Evaly.

Mithun said that Mohammad Rassel had ordered a passport cover similar to his own from his own business in this connection. He placed the passport on the cover after getting the package. He did, however, return the cover since he didn’t like it. Later, Rassel had forgotten to put his passport with him at the moment. Evaly then handed the cover to Mithun. It is for this reason that this distortion has created.

This might be it or Evaly employees just want to get rid of all the data’s of their CEO, Mohammad Rassel. The employees had suffered a lot already. Starting from not getting their salaries and many more. Now they just wanted to get revenge by getting rid of Rassel’s identity.

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