Evaly’s CEO AKA The Great Investor May Have Bribed The Merchants To Protest

A group of merchants and customers of the harsh e-commerce platform Evaly have demanded that the company’s CEO, Mohammad Rassel, and Chairperson, Shamima Nasrin, be released unconditionally so that they can get their money back. They urged the government to release Rassel for the sake of the local e-commerce business from a human chain in the capital on Friday.

“The complainant has an order worth Tk3 lakh only,” Mamun, an Evaly customer, said of the case against Rassel. Customers have placed orders worth Tk30 lakh here.

Well from all this we all get to know what kind of game Evaly’s CEO is playing. A tough game against the mango people I guess? Mohammad Rassel knows how to play against the government and win them too. The scheme he has implanted is definitely flawless but will be arresting him enough for stopping him?

Pre-Investment of Evaly CEO’s Protest

It is rumoured that Evaly’s CEO Mohammad Rassel may have bribed the people who are currently protesting. Did he know that RAB was going to arrest him? No, but what he knew is what every player should know, it’s FUTURE. Yes, Rassel knew his future from the start of his business. Did he know that one day he will be behind the bars for fraud but how to fight the government? Yes, the mass crowd. To show the government that Evaly actually made an impact among the mango people, Rassel has hired a number of people way back in 2019 to get a backup when he is in trouble.

And now they are here! Pretending to be merchants and wanting the release of Mohammad Rassel and his wife. As long as you know what you are going to face, you can always prepare for it and that’s what he has done. That was a well-played game by Mohammad Rassel

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