Evaly’s CEO, Mohammad Rassel Is The Next Jack Ma

The mastermind behind Evaly, Mohammad Rassel, has been arrested by RAB on 16th September 2021. When asked questions regarding his business, The CEO of Evaly has come up with really nice and interesting answers. After getting asked that why was he playing with his customers and what was his plan he has even surprise RAB with his answers.

” Everyone thought Jack Ma was a scam guy too but what did he turn out? Every successful man has officials like you guys trying to put us down when we want to rise.”

Evaly’s CEO Mohammad Rassel

This answer has lead RAB to laugh after 15 years, their last laugh was before entering the training to become a RAB.

Who Is Jack Ma?

We all know Jack Ma’s company but only a few know him well. The Chinese man is the co-founder of the well-named brand, Alibaba. Jack Ma is one of the wealthiest men in the world as well as one of the successful investors and business magnates. And our Evaly guy, Mohammad Rassel, thinks Evaly as Bangladesh’s Alibaba. Of course, the deliveries are slower than Alibaba even though Alibaba ships from international waters.

Jack Ma And Mohammad Rassel’s Same Scheme ?

Mohammad Rassel claims that Evaly follows the same scheme as Jack Ma. How? When Alibaba started their business, they started off giving discounts like Evaly. First few years Alibaba was at loss, later on successfully earned their money back from their customers through time. But here we can see Evaly following the same scheme but what is 200% Cashback?

Alibaba never gave discounts like this where they give customers money to buy products from them. What scheme is this that Mohammad Rassel is following?

Get the money and flee away from the country scheme?

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