Everything You Need To Know: Stump Moving Incident At Ban VS Zim

In the second match of the ongoing T20 International series of Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh, the host team has won a tremendous victory against Bangladesh.

After winning the toss, Zimbabwe elected to bat first. Bangladesh got off to a good start in their chase of victory. Soumya Sarkar and Mohammad Naeem were both removed for 5 and 8 runs, respectively. This time, Shakib Al Hasan‘s bat did not function as he was removed after getting 12 runs. Everything was well until the mind-boggling miracle happened. In the 18th over of the match, towards the end of the innings, an extremely unusual scenario happened. Saifuddin, a Bangladesh batsman, was batting. During this time, he hit a ball with his bat, causing the wicket’s middle stumps to go behind and the bails to fall as well.

Even though zimbabwe appealed to the umpire, the umpire decided to have a look. Despite Zimbabwe’s appeal to the umpire, the umpire decided to check into it. And Rasel Bhai, you would not believe what they witnessed. The stumps did not move despite the fact that Saifuddin’s bat did not touch or do anything! It’s not the wind since the stumps are well buried and cannot be moved by a simple breeze. In addition, the wind in the match of Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe was not as strong as the reporter claims. The bails would be pushed by the wind to the maximum extent possible. No one in the cricket industry has ever witnessed something like this before.

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe’s Main Player

This appears to be the case after much investigation. Yes, I am referring to black magic. Zimbabwe has a long history of practicing black magic. This might be one of them because, without it, there is no way to respond in the Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe t20 match. Zimbabwe’s trainer is said to have gone missing for a period of time. He had gone missing and had been looked for numerous times but had not been located. Is it because he went out to do some dark magic in order to help his side win? Well, I believe he was effective in using black magic to save his squad and help them win the Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe game.

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