Fake Starbucks Outlet Spotted In Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rhine Dhaka along with a brand called ‘Lorato’ hosted a fashion show at the launching event of the international franchise Starbucks here in Bangladesh. They also put a large logo outside their outlet where it says “Available Here”. Customer reviews are also on the negative side.

Model Posing For ‘So-Called’ Starbucks in Bangladesh

They basically imported the Starbucks roasted beans and claimed themselves to be a part of the Starbucks franchise.

It’s quite obvious and shady how the brand name of Starbucks is being exploit here, back in 2016 another scammer on facebook alerted the nation about the arrival of Starbucks official in Bangladesh but indeed it was a fake information which spread over the internet like rapid fire.

The Aftermath

Before the scam lead of massive disaster, official Starbucks team terminated the page from existence on facebook, let’s hope this one gets served with the rightful justice.

Moriom Mannan ‘The Scammer’ Caught In The Act

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