Father Bought His Feminist Daughter Rickshaw After She Failed Exams

Try to remember not to disappoint your parents? Especially in this economy. Rubiana, the feminist daughter, and her father don’t really get along. While he constantly lectures her, she mostly screams back and calls herself a victim of “patriarchal ruling” and that she demands her father to know her merits regardless of what she does. Despite that, her father has only put up with her for so long till one day he saw her online results and finally lost it. To the point that he gnashed his teeth and started twitching. You could tell he almost had an aneurysm.

To finally find solace from all the disappointments he’d put up with all this time, he finally decided to give her a reality check. He buys her a rickshaw and tells her that this will be her occupation from now on. Again insulted, Rubiana scorns against her father and tells him that she is a feminist. That her role in life has a higher purpose and that is put to women in a position of equal opportunities to the opposite sex. Her father retorted and jests that her doing this will finally be a terrible reminder if no women get their act together.

But, alas

As harsh as the lesson was, this finally put a smile on his face. Made him realize that not only did he bring a chance to have equal opportunities. But also that other fathers could rest easy knowing that this is the worst their daughters (or sons) could imagine living.

Though despite his wishful thinking, in reality she made other guys who were fawning over her do the work. Meaning that in the end, she pretty much kept it secret for a while. And even started using her charisma to get some tuition. And even borrow notes. In due time, she actually improved her grades and her father finally got rid of the rickshaw. Even though after fact that she didn’t even follow-up to her father’s expectations. With the rickshaw.

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Written by Excalibruh to Expose Bullies Soon to Expose Bullies Soon

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