Finger-Ring Worth Of 100Taka Is Just Worth It

Women, there is good news! The price of finger ring has slipped to just 100 Taka! What finger ring am I referring to, exactly? Women of intelligence will already be aware of this. Why acquire automated machines when you can get the same results as manual ones? Plastic goods must be avoided says Bashundhara Shopping Complex.

Bashundhara City Complex To The Rescue

Bashundhara Shopping Complex has always been thinking of something innovative and finally came up with one. I think every woman should praise and thank them for this help. As you already know about plastic pollution in the whole world, it takes more than 500 years to decompose a single piece of plastic. But no worries, Bashundhara Shopping Complex has made an opportunity to save nature. Instead of buying those vibrating machines of yours, you can simply come to their shopping mall and get a VR vibration, which is the future.


Not just one but 2 finger rings? You must be joking! Well, they are not. But only if you are capable of two then. Bashundhara guys claim it to be simple. All you got to do is wear the VR Goggles and the rest will be taken care of in the bottom. After the work is done customers are given a sheet to rate their service. Most of them have rated them 5star as they are very satisfied with their service and willing to get more later on.


Bashundhara Shopping Complex has been using actual finger rings as decoys to distract the people who don’t know about their secret. And they are pretty successful with it as the sign is on top of showcase rings and jewels which is just usual for any jewel shop. Salute to them for making girls feel what they need to feel and giving this top-notch service for only 100taka.

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Written by Vibwritor

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