Flat Women Flashed Their Chest To Get Tickets To Coke Studio’s Concert

Coke Studio Bangladesh was crazy this year. People really enjoyed the earthly sensation of music based in Bengali.

The Craze

It’s not crazy not flat women tried to get in to the concert by flashing their chests to the authority but later it was revealed most these women were thrown out for being biased. This group of feminist who showed hatred over the artists who participated in the concert on social media after they were thrown out of Coke Studio Bangladesh‘s live concert. The group of women mostly showed hatred towards Tahsan for being too toxic and talking about his ex all over again but they really enjoy the fact how Taylor Swift make songs bashing her exes.

Tahsan performing during Coke Studio Bangla Live 2022

People nowadays are mostly unaware and crazy over how to enter the craze mostly women of this era. They are crazy like Amber Heard and doesn’t care to do crazy things mostly flashing things that doesn’t exist.

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