Girlfriend Comes Up With 17-page Relationship Contract After Two Weeks Of Their Tinder Date

Just two weeks after meeting on Tinder, a lady wrote up a long “relationship contract” with her partner, describing the rules and conditions for dating her. Annie Wright asked that he buy her flowers twice a month and pay for date evenings. The girlfriend, too, wanted her boyfriend in shape and specified in the contract that he must work out five times a week.

In October of last year, she met Michael Head on Tinder date and the two immediately became exclusive. Annie, 21, joked that they should write down what they wanted from each other to make the relationship work after having her ‘boundaries crossed’ in a prior toxic relationship.

Michael, a law student, consented, and it became formal, with a 17-page contract set up. Annie, a risk management and insurance student, and Michael, 23, sat down shortly after and spelled out their own rules. Which included requesting a romantic gesture every two weeks and ‘working out at least five times a week alone.’

‘No silent treatment,’ for example, and his paying for date evenings also included in the agreement.

Everyone Should Do Relationship Contract

Annie now owes their relationship’s success to the long contract, and she even proposed they give each other a “yearly evaluation” when they mark their one-year anniversary next month.

“This has been a game-changer,” Annie, from Atlanta, Georgia, remarked. I think every relationship should have one. It’s the most amazing thing ever.

“We approach our connection almost as if it were a commercial transaction.” We handle disputes in the same way that business partners would. We sit down and treat it as if we’re life partners, with love as a bonus.

“I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend,” he said. We needed to establish some significant ground rules in order to prepare.

“I proposed the relationship contract as a joke, but he replied ‘no, really.'” That’s something we can do and speak about.’

“Now that we’re nearing a year, I’m sure he’ll modify it to say, ‘I want you to remove your shoes when you enter my apartment because I often forget.’

“I really advise doing relationship contracts. I’m amazed there aren’t more people who do it.

“We’re in this together. We’ve agreed to take on life together, and this is how we’re going to accomplish it.”

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