Girlfriend Leaks Private Photos Of Her Boyfriend As He Rejects To Buy Her iPhone13

We were all delighted about the new iPhone, but as soon as the price was displayed on our screens, all of our excitement vanished. Koel Mollick, on the other hand, understands how to get things done. Koel has just played the perfect game instead of gazing at the price of the iPhone13 and pondering how to get so much money. She went directly to her boyfriend, Soorya, and threatened him with leaking private photographs of him unless he bought her an iPhone13.

Soorya is every girl’s dream boy, a caring and loving boyfriend that sends you pictures of him all day to make you feel the good stuff. But who knew that it would be used as a weapon against him.

Right after the release of iPhone13 Koel Mollick asked her loving boyfriend to buy him the phone. But guess what Soorya said. ” Baby, you already have me for your entire life why do you need this phone. Besides, you have enough storage left in your iPhone 12 to store my pictures in your phone.”
Well, Soorya seems self-obsessed. He used to save his photos forcefully in his girlfriend’s gallery.

Can’t Even Get Her An iPhone13

After hearing this from her boyfriend, she got tilted her chest off. Did she reject 102 boys just for this guy? Who can’t even buy her an iPhone13?

As he rejected to buy her the brand new iPhone, the threat was just not enough. Soorya’s behaviour forced Koel to just leak his private photos in different Facebook groups, Captioning ” If this guy ever comes to you, just to let you know that his PP is small and here’s the proof.” Yes, the pictures were also there with that caption.

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