Girlfriend Sold Her Kidney To Buy Her Boyfriend A Cow

Chaand Raat is today, and Eid-ul-Adha is tomorrow. Is Eid, however, actually Eid without a cow? Absolutely not, at least not for Sabbir, who had already made a sacrifice before Eid. Sabbir, on the other hand, should not be worried because his girlfriend is also a sacrificer.

What Sacrificing Loop Are We Talking About

Before you learn about the greatest sacrifice, you must first learn about the little ones. Sabbir went to Gorur Haat alone that day because he didn’t have any pals. Yes, his girlfriend had him unfriend everyone because she didn’t want him to talk to anyone but her. Sabbir’s father knew how much of a cow freak he is, so if he had gone alone, he wouldn’t have bothered.

Sabbir eventually bought a cow for 2.5 lakhs after hunting and bargaining for 5 hours. Sabbir’s heart burst with delight as he drove the cow home to show his folks that he had grown. With one hand full of rope, he attempted to contact his girlfriend with the other to inform her that he was carrying the cow home.

Sabbir moved to another world with his private part and lost control of the cow as his girlfriend answered the phone and whispered “yes daddy.” That’s right, the cow had gone too far before returning from the other dimension.

Girlfriend To The Eid Rescue

Sabbir was afraid of what he would say to his father, who already suspected him of doing narcotics. His father will believe he has taken the money and spent it on drugs. Sabbir began weeping to his lover about it, and she did the unthinkable. She texted Sabbir, who was in a hospital, and told him it was an emergency.

He spotted a letter that said, “Here are your 2.5 lakhs, it was all my fault for calling you daddy, I didn’t realize you were that desperate,” as soon as he arrived at his girlfriend’s cabin. Sabbir was taken aback right away. What exactly is it? How did she manage to offer me such a large sum of money in such a short period of time? He noticed his partner wearing an oxygen mask and inhaling through it. He immediately inquired of the doctor as to what had occurred. Your sweetheart has sold her kidney for you to buy a cow this Eid-Ul-Adha, according to the doctor. Sabbir was so overwhelmed by what she had done that he went to Haat to get another one.

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