Girlfriend sold her kidney to buy her boyfriend a panjabi from Illiyeen for Eid

Illiyeen is a trendy panjabi brand from Dhaka, Bangladesh. For a while it actually hit the trend for luxury panjabis as people indicate. We aren’t really sure what was the actual reason behind such clout but the hype and craze is actually causing people to lose their minds.

Recently, we came across an incident which recently took place in Birdem hospital located in Shahbag, Dhaka. Salma Aktar, a 14 year old student from VNS and a diehard PUBG fan recently sold her kidney. She sold her kidney to buy her boyfriend a panjabi from the luxurious brand ‘ Illiyeen ‘ , as she quote:

I am really in love with Khaled. I am willing to do anything for him even if I have to sacrifice myself I am willing to do it for my one and only love. He’s passionate about getting a panjabi from Illiyeen this Eid. I am not wanting to see him sad and also not getting a chance to wear the luxurious panjabi he always dream about. I sold my kidney as you all know how expensive Illiyeen is

This delightful story of this person really made us believe in true love but we took our research to a next level. We went to Illiyeen ourselves to check the price tag but we couldn’t get a queue to enter the outlet. As the crowd and line was huge we tried to avoid getting in thinking about COVID-19 transmission. Until we decided to ask a customer who recently made his purchase from the flagship outlet. He claimed the price tag is in between 2,500/- BDT and some aren’t that expensive. The internet hype really raised a confusion. We feel pity for our 14 year old Salma Aktar who recently sold her kidney.

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