Gulshan Girl Claimed She Listened To “Habit” By Atif Aslam

Now this is really confusing, right? When did Atif Aslam sang a song named Habit?

She’s probably talked about Atif Aslam’s Aadat, and you know how these gulshan girls manifest the idea of being Banglish. Banglish is a made-up language based on mixture of both Bengali and English more like screwing the grammar and both the language but these people find it cool.

Being coolio in this generation is nothing new, it’s more like proven who’s more cooler than the other people they are talking to. The idea is stupid yet, these people can never stop screwing around. Banglish is trending this early 2000’s mostly concluded in Bangladeshi rap songs promoted in social media.

The girl literally screwed the song ‘Aadat’ and renamed it to ‘Habit’ which put Atif Aslam into shame. Atif Aslam is now probably questioning his existence but guess what? These people just don’t care anymore about screwing up anything. Gulshan is a semi-posh area Dhaka,Bangladesh after Banani. People from Gulshan are top notch according to society so nobody messes around with them in the era.

The girl claimed the song is very beautiful and heart melting with meaningful lyrics which arises alot of questions, but guess what? ‘Aadat’ By Atif Aslam has been a trending song in the last century and one of top songs in Bollywood history but since you know you can’t mess around with Gulshan people.

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