Guy Goes Into Coma Seeing All His Girlfriend Together In His Own House

What is a playboy’s worst nightmare? What if you’re caught with another woman? Is it seeing you with another girlfriend at the same restaurant where you were dating the other girl? In comparison to these being caught situations, what happened to this guy/playboy was a nightmare.

He wasn’t just playing with one or two ladies; he was playing with nine. So, if you think you’re a playboy simply because you’re playing with two, stand back because our man Rohit isn’t one of them. Rohit’s motto is that with significant risk comes great reward. He’s flown in directly from Chapai Nawabganj to capture the Dhaka ladies.

Rohit was playing with high risks cause he knew that if one of them knew he was cheating, he would lose the other one. But little did he know he would lose all of them at once!

Why Not To Be A Playboy With 9 Girlfriend 101

Our playboy went out for some fresh air and tea with pals in the evening. While he was out with his friends, his phone began to ring from each of his girlfriends one by one. What he was witnessing stunned him. Why are they all calling me at the same time? Rohit was aware that something was wrong, but he was focused on his buddies.

As Rohit came home he had witnessed the unbelievable. “Surprise!” was shouted from the other side and yes it was not his birthday.

It was from all of his 9 girlfriends shouting together surprise with a broad smile. Rohit didn’t know how to react to this cause they have been smiling. ” Did they accept marrying me altogether?” Rohit whispered to himself.

But sadly Rohit couldn’t just keep it to his mind and asked them what he had in mind. Ladies together are monsters and he realized it with each beating given by each of his girlfriends.

After all the beating he was then senseless and when taken to hospital by his girlfriends he was long gone to coma.

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