Harley Quinn Gets Caught And Was Admitted To Pabna Mental Hospital

Harley Quinn is one of Gotham’s most insidious criminal, a prodigy of the mastermind, Joker himself. She left him for an independent venture, one of which would take her and her goons to the crappiest slums of Mirpur, Dhaka. She is already on her way to build a secondary establishment in Uttara. Couldn’t wait any longer.

Of course, not all good things last for long. As both CID, and RAB, were right up on her tail. Soon as she got comfortable on her main hideaway, law enforcement finally ambushed her. A gunfight ensued, but the law had the upper hand later on. Harley, attempting to pull one of her escape moves, eventually was put down after a flash grenade caught her off.

Maid Of Mischief Gets Her Comeuppance, Or Does She?

Landing in court for due process, just when the judge and criminal prosecutor has seen the charges, they’ve pretty much seen that a trial isn’t going to be required. Just on judicial verdict alone, the Maid of Mischief was set to land on a maximum prison. However, after a psych evaluation, they’ve realized that would be the easier option. She was later set to be detained in Pabna Mental Hospital.

Pabna mental hospital, where Harley Quinn is admitted to

Strange considering that place closed down after a murder gone wrong on November 10, 2020. It was reopened temporarily just to put crazy people like Harley on complete surveillance. Day 1 she gets dropped in, already she starts scheming for an escape plan.

Harley, of course, vents on the employees by playing around with their feelings while insulting them in some of the worst ways possible. Days turn to weeks, the hospital orderlies weren’t happy with how Harley keeps undermining their authority. Homicidal tendencies brew among them, so they’ve decided to reenact the same murder that closed the place down in the first place.

Turn Of Events

Of course, knowing Harley, this was part of her plan all along. The day comes when she was put to the room, with 3 of the staff going inside with her. Of course, the room being soundproof carried more suspense to the drama. Nobody on the inside opened yet, so the ones outside opened the door, before being ambushed by women patients. It was a set-up.

The guards had their arms and legs roped in a bow. Some of them hanging on the ceiling, in agony, pleading for release. This was where the hospital was secretly overtaken before all staff agreed on the secrecy act. Till somebody from the inside gave out information about what’s going on. Authorities surrounded the hospital, looking to take in Harley.

But by the time they were done with the search, Harley had already banished. Authorities have shut down air flights, in search of her. No sign of her anywhere. So they’ve concluded that she is either in hiding or she has escaped. Harley made it easier for them by leaving a parting gift, one where there are bombs placed in the sewer drainages of Tejgaon, and the other is a kidnapping of the chief of the metropolitan police. The video, showing him gagged, also shows a street address that is in Gotham. So yeah, things are really dire here. So they did the one thing they could only do, call Batman.

To be continued.

Written by Excalibruh

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