Harvard Confirms Universe Was Created From A Laboratory

What happened before the big bang is the biggest enigma in the history of our universe. What is the origin of our universe? Albert Einstein looked for steady-state alternatives to the big bang hypothesis almost a century ago. Since a beginning in time did not please him philosophically.

There are now a variety of theories in the scientific literature for our cosmic origins. Including the notions that our universe arose from a vacuum fluctuation. That it is cyclic with repeated periods of contraction and expansion. Also that it was chosen by the anthropic principle from the multiverse’s string theory landscape—where, as MIT cosmologist Alan Guth puts it, “everything that can happen will happen an infinite number of times,” or that it arose from a vacuum fluctuation.

Our cosmos might have formed in the laboratory of a sophisticated technological civilization, which is a less studied hypothesis. Because our universe has a flat geometry and zero net energy. An intelligent civilization may have devised a quantum tunneling technique to produce a newborn universe out of nothing.

Quantum Mindf**k With Harvard BIG BANG Universe

The religious concept of a creator is combined with the secular concept of quantum gravity in this hypothetical origin tale. We don’t have a predictive theory that integrates quantum mechanics with gravity, the two foundations of contemporary physics. A highly evolved society, on the other hand, may have achieved this goal and perfected the technique of producing infant universes.

If that were to happen, it would not only explain the origin of our universe. But it would also imply that a universe like ours in which, in this illustration, hosts an advanced technological civilization that gives birth to a new flat universe is similar. It is similar to a biological system that maintains the longevity of its genetic material over multiple generations.

It should not come as a surprise to us that our culture is not especially intelligent. When I inform Harvard University students that half of their class is below the median, they become agitated. Even with our famous finding of the Higgs boson by the Large Hadron Collider, the persistent fact may be that we are statistically at the center of the bell-shaped probability distribution of our class of intelligent life-forms in the cosmos.

We must allow ourselves to humble ourselves and hunt for brighter youngsters on our cosmic block using new telescopes, as envisioned by the recently announced Galileo Project. Otherwise, our ego journey may not end well, as it did for the dinosaurs, who ruled the Earth until a spacecraft shattered their delusion.

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