The Haunted Flat At Dhanmondi 27

Ghost stories whether you believe them or not holds some kind of power over people. Whether its fear, paranoia, morbid curiosity, sense of dread, or some twisted game of dare. Dhanmondi is no stranger to such rumor mills, as it is one of the densely populated area of Dhaka city and a cultural hub, no strange reason to believe that such horror nestles around in one of its apartments.

An empty apartment near the end of Dhanmondi road 27, just close to OXFORD School, opposite to Bangladesh Eye Hospital. The third floor flat has been somewhat abandoned for over 10 years now. Rumors floating around stats that a woman committed suicide. The identity of the person is unknown. Other people believe that it is a nesting ground for other angry spirits and well, Jinns.

Eternal Damnation

Most of the locals have stayed far away from the place. People who leased the apartment left immediately, not even after a week. One constructor worker saw bricks falling from the outside of the flat. Others say there’s some Arabic writing found on the front gate of the building. While the building holds residents from top floor to bottom, only the third floor has been the one mostly abandoned. Perplexing as it is.

No signs of life at all from flat, only seen at its decrepit state. With the corridor visible from the outside, and grills of balconies and windows rusted.

Even if people are nowhere within or of closer proximity to the flat, they are still affected by the phenomenon. Like few random load shedding, screaming from either the haunted flat or the rooftop. One person laments that she thought she saw a figure inside but couldn’t ascertain who or what. Another saw the main door open while walking up the stairs and saw something crawling on the ceiling.

Being the talk of the town, authorities informed the locals to just stay away from the flat to avoid trouble. While also putting posters and warning signs about its controversy. Though there’s no way to properly validated everything that’s been said, it’s clear that this flat is just bad news. To this day, nobody would bat an eye, even at some desperation to find an apartment in Dhanmondi. The folk tales and legends have left nothing untouched about its whereabouts. Only a person living under a rock entirely could make the foolish mistake of taking the flat for themselves.

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Written by Excalibruh

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